About Us


Community Valley Bank's Tree of Honor project was created to recognize the bank's customers who are helping to improve our community and our citizens' quality of life. The tree is installed in our Brawley Branch lobby.

Become a part of this project!

How to Become a CVB Tree of Honor Project Member

  • Non-profit must be a registered 501(c) 3 - 13 and 19.
  • A non-profit must demonstrate that 25% or less of the donated monies is used for administrative expenses.
  • Complete the Tree of Honor participation application.
  • Submit a copy of the most recent federal tax returns.

To Be Recognized on CVB's Tree of Honor

  • The donor must be a CVB customer.
  • The funds must be deposited into a qualifying non-profit account at CVB.
  • The donation amount must fall into one of the following levels:
    • Bronze $150
    • Silver $300
    • Gold $500
    • Platinum (Stones) $2,500
    (All levels are valid for one year from the date the funds are donated. Please request donation receipts from the non-profit organization you are donating to).

For more information, please contact the Brawley Branch at 760-344-7771 or send an email to treeofhonor@yourcvb.com.