Important Information

Internet Security Notification

Community Valley Bank is careful to protect your personal and financial information. We will not request personal information from clients or prospects via unsecured means, such as e-mail or by telephone. If you are contacted by e-mail or phone with such a request, DO NOT respond with your personal information. If you are contacted by these means, please notify us at (760) 352-1889.

Ways to spot the scam

The email requests personal information.
The bank's name is misspelled.
The email address does not originate from the bank.
The URL does not link to a page on our website (
The URL is not linked from our website ( when you type in the correct URL in your browser.

Previous Notifications

11/23/2010 Notice of Changes in Temporary FDIC Insurance Coverage for Transaction Accounts
05/20/2010 New Overdraft Rules for ATM/Debit Cards
Ongoing Fraud Alert - Phishing Scams